[thechat] Intel says employees are chattel

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Aug 15 13:55:00 CDT 2002

ah, so this touches on the building borders on the 'net thing again
-- Intel wants to protect employees from a guy like him...  I guess
people will do what they do when they are competing to get all the
goodies for themselves.

Intel won't let you walk in their building without a pass/ID hanging
round your neck.

As for age discrimination, everyone knows it happens all the time.
But companies know better than to speak it out loud.

When I got to Portland the staffing agencies tried to get me in at
Intel, but I was warned by locals to beware... of course I think
ultimately it depends on which corner of the company your working in,
but I was told that much of the company is very dog eat dog and I got
the impression that to start out as a contract worker there (which is
how they started everyone) you could expect a rough ride.

Well, to get in the door, you need to take a drug test.  IMO a drug
test is the beginning of the chattelesqe experience.  It's like "we
own you, and what you do on and off the job."   No weekend ganga
parties for you!

I hope Hamidi kicks their ass, please please let there be some
justice in the world.

and oh yeah, then there's Randal Schwartz the Perl god.
Intel sued his ass, too.


Like Peter Tosh said in "Downpresser Man" --
"I'd like to be a flea, under your collar..."

Hamidi you go!  You be the flea from hell!

Yeah, Intel.  Whee.


>An ex-employee of Intel (who believes he was fired due to age) has been
>emailing former co-workers and trying to foment a sort of revolution
>within the company.
>Intel is suing him for "trespass to chattels", that is, trespassing via
>email on the worker minds they own.  He says that he is excercising his
>right to free speech.  Intel has won three lower court rulings and the
>case is now at the California Supreme Court.
>Well worth the read.


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