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> [probably busted PSU or dodgy power cables snippage]
> William,
> Your opinion seems to me the most probable case. Because the rear side
> of the CPU's body always has a hazardous electric voltage. I never
> took it to any expert but I think it is a dangerous thing. I take
> extreme care not to touch the rear side of CPU when it's power cable
> is inside the plug.

If the PC is switched off at the front, and the power supply is switched off
at the mains, but not unplugged (a lot of mains sockets in the UK have
on/off switches at the socket, I don't know if this is the case abroad), you
are safer than you think, as the unit will be disconnected from the mains
supply and earthed.  However, you are quite right to be cautious around PC's
PSUs, as some capacitors on the board and in the PSU may maintain a charge
for a short period after they are switched off.

If you are in any doubt, I would always recommend taking the box to a dealer
or repair shop.

Ashok mentioned a hot CPU in another post.  I doubt this would cause a hard
reboot followed by a normal bootup - IME, hot CPUs trigger thermal shutdown
mechanisms in the BIOS, and the machine will either just power off (if fully
APM enabled) or simply freeze at POST on a hard reboot.  But double-checking
the BIOS for board/fan heat/speed stats is always a good thing.  Every
avenue, etc.

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