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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Sep 3 05:46:00 CDT 2002

rudy wrote:
> > http://crap.zensoft.net/desktop/challenger.200208280043.mini.jpg
> how rare it is to see another person with the Start bar on the left
> which, of course, is the only sane place for it, since on the bottom
> it gets in the way of horizontal scrolling, ditto on the right for
> vertical, and on the top it interferes with doubleclicking on the
> title bar

It just makes sense to me to have it there.  It interferes with normal
operation of a couple of apps, but nothing that pisses me off too much.

> you sure do have a lot of apps on your Start bar, though
> and lookit all the stuff you have running in the system tray!!
> sheesh, if i did that on my 32meg pentium 1, it would choke

lol, and me only on a P/// 800 with 512MB RAM ... most powerful machine in
the room *sigh* and me with a pile of servers too.

> not that i took a long look at everything you have there, but i
> couldn't help noticing the folder "random crap to sort" -- i've got
> several of those, eh

Most people enjoy seeing the "Huge Fucking Playlist", others ponder long and
hard as to why I have so many windows open at once - I always thought two or
three at a time just wasn't normal - but most people do immediately twig my
"random crap to sort" folder on my desktop ... it's only filled with 159MB
of stuff, which pales next to stuff I have dotted around my network ... the
"random guff" folder (719MB), the "dump" folder (1.25GB), the "downloads"
folder (4.41GB) ... *sigh*

> oh, nice space picture, by the way

cheers :)

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