[thechat] Application Forms (Was: predictive indexing - is it evil ?)

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Wed Sep 4 09:20:01 CDT 2002

> Think about the questions - "Do you understand the job the same way we
> do?"
> "Can you show you're up to it?"
> I'm *still* waiting for a better solution. In the absence of
> which, then
> the current system (which gives us employees who perform OK)
> will stay.

Fascinating thread, which put me in mind of a book I picked up in
waterstones the other day, mainly because the title wrapped around the
cover onto the inner flyleaf:

Weird ideas that work. (all about innovation and creativity)

which has a web site:


4 chapters of the book encourage:

| 3 | Hire "Slow Learners" (Of The Organizational Code)
(Weird Idea #1)

| 4 | Hire People Who Make You Uncomfortable, Even Those You Dislike
(Weird Idea #1 1/2)

| 5 | Hire People You (Probably) Don't Need
(Weird Idea #2)

| 6 | Use Job Interviews To Get Ideas, Not To Screen Candidates
(Weird Idea #3)

Interesting take on recruiting.......

would you want creative checkout operators?  you might, they are the
people who could increase you sales tenfold if they actually meant it
when they asked "did you find everything you were looking for?" and had
time to note down the products that you didn't buy because they weren't
fresh/out of stock/wrong size/colour etc.

imagine a supermarket with every checkout manned by someone being
rewarded for gathering market intelligence not checking out your

here's another thing that always gets me.. Stock control systems measure
what you sold but can't measure what you didn't sell but customers


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