[thechat] Application Forms (Was: predictive indexing - is it evil ?)

Chris Marsh chris at webbtech.co.uk
Wed Sep 4 11:27:01 CDT 2002


> > If you want to ask an essay type question,
> > surely something like "describe why you consider yourself
> suitable for
> > the role" would give the HR person more clue.
> So split that out into two questions (which are easier to
> assess by someone who has objective criteria to go on) and
> you've essentially got "Do you understand the job?" and
> "Prove you can do it".

Which aren't the questions asked.

"Do you understand the job?" is not the same as "What are the top three
skills required for this job".

"Prove you can do it" can be answered with reference to the individual
and the individual's skills. The question asked requires a "So this one
time, at band camp..." style answer, referring to a specific time and

> Again, you've not suggested a better alternative, only
> offered steps which are *already* part of the process.

The steps in the process are not under debate by me. It is the nature of
the questions asked. I have suggested an alternative question that I
believe to be better. Given that we are all entitled to an opinion, I
choose to respect yours without conceding that there is anything more
factually valid about it than mine.


Chris Marsh

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