[thechat] Digital Camera Goodies?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Sep 5 12:48:01 CDT 2002

Thanks Ken | Terry!

Yeah - that 'Zio' thing is a card reader.  I think it looks like a good idea.
http://www.microtechint.com/qs-zio.html   Or is there a more common bugger
that "everybody who's anybody" is using?

I think I'm gonna wait to see how the battery consumption does in the normal
kind of shooting I do, but yeah, I'll probably end up getting a spare.

I'm an old SLR guy too.  I've got a couple of bags full of old lenses and
gear ... including a huge old Galen Rowell shoulder/fanny bag that I
pretty much _never_ use cuz its such a bleeping monster.  ;-(
{That was kind of a waste - those buggers are expensive!}
I'll probably co-op one of the smaller bags for digital junk.

Lens cleaner?? Eeeeek!  Damn Ken - You been peeking in my camera bags?

Ummmm, yeah.  That's a VERY good point and its probably been
waaaaaay too long since I cleaned the SLR lenses!  <sigh>



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