[thechat] analog search query stats

Olly Hodgson gnarly at punkass.com
Fri Sep 6 15:11:01 CDT 2002

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From: "rudy"
Subject: [thechat] analog search query stats

> were there any oddball ones? yes, quite a few...
> trouser or choppy or stockton or rudy or nationwide

LOL! I dont know why but that one had me in stitches :-)

> related:http://f2o.org/ (wtf? how did this lead to my site?)

Isnt that Dan Cody's new venture? Are you mentioned in the SQL pages or

As for mine, heres some of the recent searches on
http://www.gnarly-bitches.co.uk. Its top five on Google for "Bitches"
somehow, so it gets a lot of traffic from there, but here are a few

- stomach pictures
- spleen
- knight rider
- foxy
- cheltenham general hospital
- accident
- scar
- fetish brunei
- your messing with my wheel


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