[thechat] King Preaches Abstinence to Parading Maidens

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Thu Sep 12 01:46:13 CDT 2002

On 11 Sep 2002 at 13:54, Erika Meyer posted a message which said:

> Judah wrote:

> >Erika Meyer wrote:
> >>on Mardi Gras:  I am of the opinion that it is sexual repression and
> >>conservatism that fosters behavior like you see at Mardi Gras... and
> >>porn and other deviant sexual behavior.

> >At the risk of starting a flame war I'm not planning on participating
> >in...porn is not a deviant sexual behavior.  Porn is neither inherently
> >deviant nor is it a sexual behavior.

> But then what do you mean by porn?

> I guess in my mind, porn is defined by deviance of some level.  But what
> is deviance?

The Supremes, who have had to define porn in order to deal with laws
against it, say that porn is sexually prurient material. Pruritis is a
medical term for "itching".  In other words, if it is sexually
stimulating material, it's porn, and if there is non-stimulating
nudity, it's not.

Of course, for some people, there has to be *some* deviance in order to
provide sexual stimulation, but what is deviance?

I think the common definition of deviance is "something *I* wouldn't

In other words, your whips and chains are boring PVF sex, the chicken
in my underwear is part of a normal healthy sexual appetite, and the
strange things those *other* people do are deviant.


  Do gravediggers qualify for "cost of living" raises?

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