AW: German society (was: AW: [thechat] King Preaches Abstinence to Parading Maidens)

Erika Meyer emeyer at
Mon Sep 16 11:54:00 CDT 2002

Joxn challenged Eike's:

>Many of the accused turks, jews, arabs, muslims,
>blacks etc are not even 'foreigners' (but german citizens) but the word is
>used in a strictly racist sense - somebody without "german blood"

I lived in BRD 1985.  I was astounded when my host would
automatically refer to any dark-haired, dark-skinned person as a
"foreigner."  It seemed such an assumption.

Race issues are worse IMO when you pretend they doesn't exist.
Closing your eyes and closing your mouth in special company doesn't
make racism go away.  Same with sexism.  It's worth calling attention
to, but at the same time it's important not to get stuck there.

Eike wrote:

>One of the possible morals to this story is that you shouldn't be racist if
>you like a good meal. German cuisine is mostly awful.

I like German cuisine, but I also like diversity.  (German cuisine is
not great for vegetarians...) Germany wouldn't allow half the
additives and preservatives and crap in their foods that is
commonplace in the US.

Diversity is the best thing about the USA, in my opinion.



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