AW: German society (was: AW: [thechat] King Preaches Abstinence to Parading Maidens)

Erika Meyer emeyer at
Mon Sep 16 15:24:00 CDT 2002

Hi Iris,

>i was so totally embarrassed that i'd been more suprised at them
>being black than hearing german in england.  i felt really bad about
>having made the assumption that a black person would
>be speaking english, not german, and i really hoped
>they didn't notice this and think i was a racist.
>i think that's pretty confused, don't you?

actually, Americans have a term for this
it's called "white liberal guilt."

>little backpacks are 'bodybags'.  cringe!

that's pretty funny.
(are these the teeny backpacks, or are they everyday book-carrying
bags aka rucksacks?)

I like your point about racism as a systemic/mass thing vs individual
attitudes which generally come from ignorance.


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