[thechat] Arguments for war

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sat Sep 21 00:44:00 CDT 2002

At 04:20 AM 21-09-02, Tara Cleveland wrote:
>"The chance of Israeli or Pakistani or Indian nukes being used against us is
>acceptably small. If Arabs get them, then eventually one *will* be used
>against us." [my emphasis]

Not true. I can tell you for a fact that we Indians plan to nuke the living
fuck out of USA next month. Guaranteed! :p

And we're going to start with a farm in Pennsylvania owned by an
Episcopalian minister. (Hey, what did *you* think the "Signs" were about?
Aliens (Indians), first seen in Bangalore (where I live), directed by an
Indian... duh!)

<sarcasm type="bitter">

Please Georgie boy, invade us! Oh, you want a convincing reason? How about
the fact that India has the largest population of Muslims in the world,
more than any other country. 100 million plus. There you go... now you have
a "wipe them bastards out" reason.

<voice type="Homer">
mmmm... Muslims.


Bah! The self-righteousness, bigotry, and the "we're the 'leaders' of  the
free world" attitude is so disgusting.

Actually, this email made me dig up an old email I sent to John Rhodes of
Webword. I wrote to him:

>is wrong. Maybe the big topics are given coverage
>but too many Americans like to fill their brains with
>crap. Crap sells, so crap is produced. Sigh.

It's your education system, John. The average American is completely
self-absorbed and knows little of what's happening beyond America. Britney
Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Gary Condit get more headlines than a calamity
in some other part of the world. Did you know that in an earthquake in
India in January 2001, 25000+ people died? Yes, 25000 people! Far worse
than the WTC attack. Yet, how many Americans heard about it?

Take India in contrast. Half of our morning newspaper contains
international news. When I was in school, an entire year of geography
classes (8th grade) was devoted to just North America. I remember
memorising the capital cities of all American states (but have now
forgotten, of course.)

How many people there had even heard of Afghanistan (let alone know where
it was on the globe) before the WTC attack? How many people could tell me
if Turkey was in Europe or Asia?

Something needs to be done about it. And Americans wonder why so much of
the world seems them as arrogant, self-centred snobs.


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