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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
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At 07:20 PM 22-09-02, Ashok at MagicalKenya.com wrote:
>I think you misunderstood what Madhu was trying to say - he was talking
>more along
>the lines of :
>can anyone claim to be a world leader when they dont know where the rest of
>the world is, or make statements like 'we are doing this for world
>peace...' when
>its very obvious to every other nation that its about the $$$.

Er, yeah, that's about it. Thanks, Ashok.

I would've replied to Sean in detail, except that it was clear to me that
he read my reply out of context. My reply was regarding the original
article that Judah posted, which actually called for the annihilation of
Arab culture. My main point was simply that the educational system and
media coverage in USA should change to actually show where the rest of the
world is and what it's doing.

I didn't mean to say that American sucks, or that America sucks. I value
many of the ideals it stands for - freedom of speech, civil rights,
capitalism, entrepreneurship, etc. But disagreeing with USA's leaders and
their policies is not the same as an attack on Americans. Heck, I have
enough US friends at evolt.org.

Looking after one's commercial interests isn't wrong. We all do it.
However, pretending that it's really in the interest of "world peace" or
upholding the mantle of "leaders of the free world" is definitely wrong.

I'm done with this thread. ;)


PS: While Muslims in North India may be poor, that's more to do with much
of North India itself being poor. The Muslim community in South India, on
the other hand, is quite prosperous. Some of the richest people in my state
are Muslims.

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