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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Sep 23 07:24:00 CDT 2002

Hi Neuro,

I don't think it's that much better elsewhere.

Today it's mostly the US wireless networks taking the heat for
allowing 'walk-by's to pick up signals.

I remember a demo back in the 60's ... the neighborhood geek
called me from his house and asked me to set my radio to a specific
FM station and then hang up and call the kid down the street.
He tapped the line and broadcast our conversation on the radio.

Unfortunately his dad found out and he got 'grounded' for that.  ;-(

It's amazing the fun kids can have with a 6 foot FM power generator
sitting in the basement and a 40' tower in the backyard!

Okay, so the FCC triangulation trucks might have rolled by once or
twice while we were running our underground radio station ... WLSD.

(Who also remembers the red, blue, and black boxes ... and the infamous
'Captain Crunch' whistles - anybody else remember those whistles?
[It was a "give-away" in a cereal box that, by happenstance, was the
exact same frequency as a telco command code.  You could sit in
California, call an 800 number that was answered in New York, blow
the whistle when the phone was being picked up and end up with a
dial tone .... a "local" NY dialtone that you could place calls from
with no toll charges.  {Major city libraries might have back issues
of 'The Bell Lab Record' technical magazine that talk about it.}])

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From: William Anderson [mailto:neuro at well.com]

The UK's telecoms infrastructure really is poo from a security standpoint.
I remember sitting with someone who shall remain nameless and placeless in
front of a laptop hooked up to a pager, and we sat watching *every* UK pager
message on that pager network scroll by ...

legal disclaimer: i didn't touch the laptop or the pager, i didn't do it,
no-one saw me do it, you can't prove anything :)

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