[thechat] Flaws in Cultures

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Sep 25 16:21:00 CDT 2002

yed wrote:
>Creativity cannot exist without money. When a singer loses
>popularity he begins to just waste his money on songs' recordings
>and videos. Naturally only popular singers survive. The room is
>always there but popularity decides about its

Maybe what you mean is that creativity is not heard without money.
In the US where the music industry is very powerful there is always
an underground music scene.  (Probably there is an underground scene

These are artists who are not making money off their art.  They are
often living in squalid conditions, often without enough money to
eat.  Some of them want to make money, some just get joy from
creating art.

When you start making art for money, you start compromising.  Great
art often is not recognized in its own time.  So if your goal is
recognition and/or cash and/or fame, it is likely you will not be
making great art, but rather mass-market art.  This may be pleasing,
but is rarely very provoking.

Great art is hated as well as it is loved, I think.  That's because
it elicits strong emotion, which disturbs and frightens some people.

>It's very interesting that in Pakistan, government directly affects people's
>taste. However, it always has been unintentional. When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was
>Prime Minister, long hair and larger sleeves became popular because
>Bhutto liked this style and always appeared in media in this style

In the US people imitate rock star's way of dressing... Princess
Diana did have an influence on styles, also.  I remember also the
"Dorothy Hamill" haircut of the 70's named for an Olympic skater...

>My thoughts about insecure USA for Muslims is because of news media.

It's probably right about that.  There are of course many Muslims
here, but I do think they are watched more closely now.  Most of our
Middle Eastern students here at Lewis and Clark College left last
year and did not return.

I think this is a very bad time in general.

I hope there are happier days ahead, but I fear it will get worse
before it gets better.


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