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> When you start making art for money, you start compromising.  Great
> art often is not recognized in its own time.  So if your goal is
> recognition and/or cash and/or fame, it is likely you will not be
> making great art, but rather mass-market art.  This may be pleasing,
> but is rarely very provoking.

True artist never leaves the stage. Only those do this who appear on the scene
with the hope of money and fame. If such an artist doesn't earn what he expected
he'll definitely choose another field. Pakistani pop singers who have left the
stage came with the expectations of fame (most of them were already rich). They
thought that people would like what they liked. Some of them still survive
because they were true artists and they gradually improved their art.
Junaid Jamshed appeared on television in 1989 as a leading singer of a musical
band called "Vital Signs". This band became popular with a patriotic song "Dil
Dil Pakistan". This song expresses the emotions of patriotism in a very natural
way. Like others of that time this band also used completely western music but
they got local rhythm and natural emotions in their song so became famous.
"Vital Signs" still exist, and Junaid Jamshed sings as an individual also but
now they use both eastern and western musical traditions in a mixed form. Visit
www.muziq.net to listen "Dil Dil Pakistan" and to read its lyrics and their
English translation visit
Other pop singers have also sung many patriotic songs but none of them could get
the fame and popularity like "Dil Dil Pakistan".


Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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