[thechat] moving to the USA

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Thu Sep 26 14:12:00 CDT 2002

hey evolters:

my wife has recently won a Fulbright grant for a PhD in Conservation

she'll be moving over around august 2003, and i'm going with her. the
Fulbright commission is giving me a J-2 visa, and they declared that I
will be able to work with that type of visa.

I've recently read that to have a proper job in the US, one requires to
have a SSN, is this right? ho hard it os to obtain it? what would i need
to get one?

We still don't know our exact destination, but the possibilities are San
Francisco, Seattle or Gainesville (FL). As soon as I know where I'll
land, i'll start reaserching for schools or potential employers (or even
before that)

I'd appreciate any advice on how to handle the working license


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