[thechat] moving to the USA

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Sep 26 16:08:04 CDT 2002

Florida also has an incredible natural environment with horrible destruction.

I have a girlfriend from Honduras; she's lived in the US for about 10
years.  She says she lived in "little Havana" I think a Miami
neighborhood.  She's in Portland now.  Anyway, I was telling her
about the fish die off and she said it happened a lot in Florida...
also lots of mutated animals in the swamps.  She descibed it like the
"one eyed fish" in the Simpsons that live near the nuclear reactor.

Bay area has some gorgeous surrounding areas, as does Washington.
Florida is HOT.  SF & Seattle are both much cooler climates.


>At Florida she has a certain chance, the professor is very excited of
>having her, and they have a special program for funding latin american
>students. From my part, it's the smallest city, wich could be bad
>because it should mean a smaller web market, but on the other hand i
>think it's easier getting a job in a smaller city (less demand for
>If we get to SF, I have more contacts there than in my own city!


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