[thechat] hope

Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Thu Sep 26 19:20:01 CDT 2002

Erika Meyer wrote:
> The circumstances at My Lai were conducive to atrocities.  The
> circumstances of being a world leader with a superior military at
> your beck and call... also conducive to atrocities.
> It is a myth that some people are just born evil... devils incarnate.
> All human beings have that potential.

One reason I have hope lately is that I feel like the amazing capacity
for evil we have is balanced for this untapped capacity for good. We
have *so* much potential. And we basically squander it.

But some people tap into the native power of a human being - for ill.

And some are able to do the same - for evil.

I have hope because it's as difficult, I hope to be evil as it is to be
good. So for me it's a matter of pointing myself in good directions and
tapping into my capacity.

Trust me, I'm not getting new-agey here. I look around and I see people
banging their heads against walls, when there's so much which can be
done to make the world better.

Maybe none of this made sense.

I've gotta go play racquetball now. Tapping my potential. :-)

	- Joe

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