[thechat] Meet Robin Jean....

Chris Marsh chris at webbtech.co.uk
Fri Sep 27 08:37:01 CDT 2002

> >>Hm. Strike against her.
> >>Could you respect someone with a stupid detection routine?
> >>I think I couldn't.
> > ??!?!?!? Seriously?
> Incompetence is *so* not sexy. :-\
> Would you go out with...
>    ...a cook whose food was pretty good but sometimes bad
>    ...a bad singer
>    ...a mediocre doctor
>    ...a not-very-good artist
> If you can't respect the work someone does, I think there's a
> difficulty being attracted that person.

But surely it is more often the case that one *is* attracted to someone,
after which one will find out more about that person, including their
competence in their chosen field. For instance, if you meet someone
(stranger, FOAF etc.) and ask the following question:

"So what do you do for work?"

If they reply:

"I'm a doctor."

Are you seriously inclined to retort:

"Oh. Are you a good doctor? How many people have died under your care,
and how does this compare with the national average? How do you rate
your diagnostic skills alongside those of your peers? Please cite an
example of when you were placed under pressure and resolved a difficult

I would imagine that you would only find out about the incompetance of a
date after having dated them for a while, at which point you already
find them attractive. If their AQ[0] drops as a result of you
discovering them to be mediocre/incompetent at their chosen profession
(in your opinion) and you decide to drop them on the strength of this,
does it not reflect badly on you rather than them? Personally I only
date filthy homeless chicks with no teeth, thus ensuring I never get to
disappoint my current squeeze[1], but that's another story.

> Regardless of how they look in a push-up bra.

Nothing is ***EVER*** regardless of how they look in a push-up bra ;)


Chris Marsh

[0] Attraction Quotient.
[1] I just made that up, and I surely hope that my current (and
longstanding) squeeze never gets to read this mail.

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