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>    Well, you see... no. A "true artist" produces what s/he produces beacuse
> they want to, not because they want the money. The money just enables them
> to go on producing stuff - if they don't get the money that way, they'll
> keep up the day job and make art in their spare time. Money and fame are
> irrelevant, teh important thing is to have made the art - be it a painting,
> music, writing, sculpture, etc. There's a reason that the "starving artist"
> is a stereotype.

When I use the word "stage" I mean the production of art. You have written what
I meant.
However, in our society an artist cannot go on producing art as easily as in
your society. If the artist is male then his close relatives like parents,
younger brothers and sisters, wife and children expect a lot from him. This "a
lot" is money. If his art is not earning money, then he will be forced to
abandon the art and spend his time in some money making activity. If the artist
is female, she must marry one day and after marriage her husband and in-laws
will expect her to do all home activities except art. Exceptions are certainly
there. But such social traditions are just sucking for an artist. Although,
personally I do not like such social ties and traditions but I cannot close eyes
from them. In the golden era of Islam such traditions were not among Muslims.
Such traditions have been created due to long financial sufferings of Muslims in

Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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