[thechat] Flaws in Cultures

Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at softhome.net
Fri Sep 27 11:29:05 CDT 2002

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> In what way do they criticise Pakistan,

I do not bother myself by reading English on BBC where Urdu is very easily
available. Thanks to big guys of BBC. I cannot point you to the Urdu articles
because you cannot read Urdu.
BBC have criticized many Islamic laws of Pakistan. I agree they have been used
for personal benefit. But BBC sometimes criticises the laws instead of their
use. Sometimes it seems that BBC is exaggerating about those matters of
Pakistan, about which over all Pakistani population does not care.
There were some attacks on Pakistani Christians in Pakistan by extremists. BBC
discussed those attacks and gave an impression like Pakistan has never been any
good country for Christians. This thing really hurts me. Because I have
Christian friends here. I could not recognize their religion until they told me
about it. I ask them about their freedom in Pakistan. They are very happy with
the freedom that they enjoy religiously and socially.

> and in what way does this offend
> you?

Nothing offends me personally. If I feel offence for Pakistan or Islam, I feel
offence for myself. I am not any political figure. If I had been, BBC would have
criticised me personally. It's a normal thing for politicians.

Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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