[thechat] mystery solved

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Fri Sep 27 12:04:00 CDT 2002

from the "interesting dear watson" department

http://www.lacuarta.cl/ *
Headline reads: "the buttler was the killer"

the administrator lady of a commercial gallery had dissapeared on sept

the last day she was seen by her family she went to her job to find some
papers because she thought her employees were stealing her.

last monday, the TV arrived to the place and interviewed all people
about the missing woman, and the gallery's buttler was there. he
declared having been the last person to see her... and talked about her
in past tense

the reporter who filmed the buy noticed some buirses in his eye and
arms... later the woman's family arrived and interrogated him with the
police, he finally took them to the second basement where the body was
hidden in a locker...

full story in spanish

* la cuarta is the newspaper from our corp aimed at popular segment, it
shows a nice butt in bikini *every day of the year* and on wednesdays it
comes with even more sexy pics. it is the honey of every constructor in
my country :) and it's news are all coded in popular slang, thowe of you
who can read spanish will notice that they will propbably not understand
how these news are written.

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