[thechat] I got an interview!

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Sep 27 14:47:04 CDT 2002

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002, Madhu Menon wrote:

> At 09:02 PM 27-09-02, Tara Cleveland wrote:
> >BTW it's a job with Amnesty International. Not great pay, but I would
> >finally get to do work that I feel is worthwhile politically not just
> >interesting from a technical or design perspective.
> Great going, Tara.
> Yell if you need any help with interviewing, etc. I wrote a LONG mail to a
> list of technical writers a few weeks back about interviewing strategy and
> I'll send it to you offlist if you're so inclined.

Roll-play the hell out of it. Last time I was really jobhunting, I went on
quite a few interviews more for practise than anything. By the time I got
to interviews for jobs I really wanted (1 at PwC and one at iXL), I was
pretty damned good at it.

was useful (it doesn't seem to be available at the .com site)


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