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Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
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At 8:53 PM +0500 9/27/02, Syed Zeeshan Haider wrote:
>When our Interior Minister began campaign against extremists, his
>brother was killed as a punishment. Extremists want to use their extremism and
>terrorism to gain power as government like they did in Afghanistan
>as Talibaan.

Do you see any progress being made by the Interior Minister in
clamping down on extremists?

Is it a punishable crime to issue a fatwa or is it only actions that
are punished? I'd like to here more about this.

>This joke is famous here:
>Once a man kept sleeping until daylight. His old father woke him up and asked
>him to go to work. The man murmured something, turned his side and
>slept again.
>His father tried to wake him up again and said, "You try to imitate
>Americans in
>every aspect, they have reached to the moon, you can't reach even to your
>work-place in the morning".
>I think this joke is enough to express the reason of my reservations against

The joke is funny, but but only because it's an incorrect stereotype.

Certainly it's not true for females: most all American women of
working age have jobs outside of the home, making up nearly half of
the American work force ... only about a quarter of the workers in
Pakistan are female EXEL spreadsheet:

People in lower income brackets here often have two and even three
jobs, working 60-70 hours a week or more. It's also common people in
higher income brackets like executives and lawyers to work 60-70
hours a week.

The average American has more purchasing power than the people of any
other country in the world
<http://www.worldbank.org/data/databytopic/GNIPC.pdf> except for a
couple dinky (and very Westernized) countries.

Do you think Americans became so rich from being LAZY?

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