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Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sun Sep 29 12:45:01 CDT 2002

Salmon Die Off Fears Become Harsh Reality

looks at the salmon disaster in light of the whole Bush
administration approach to the environment.

I am SO FURIOUS the feds are pretending not to hold any responsibility.

"We see a pattern here that if the science is consistent with the
political agenda, then it's sound science," said Jim DiPeso, a
spokesman for Republicans for Environmental Protection. "If it's not
consistent with the political agenda, they need more information."

This is a republican speaking!

Salmon is the staple food and the whole basis of Yurok culture, also
Hupa and Karuk Tribes.  Yurok had the strongest remaining salmon
fishery.  Klamath, California is a completely fish-based economy.

This is my daughter's past present and future George Bush is
destroying before my very eyes.  Dead, floating down the river,
picked apart by scavengers... native fish.  Spiritual food, the best
nutrition you can find...

This fishery was already running at 8% of what it was 100 years ago.
Now they're talking like 30% of that gone in a period of weeks.
Maybe more?  Probably will be 30,000 fish.

I am having a hard time even functioning.  I had my childhood redwood
forest clearcut around me in the early 90's that was the only
comparable feeling I ever had.  Watching the world fall apart around
you... for someone's greed. Something that will never come back.  And
you can do nothing.

I though moving to the city would help.  The river is already
polluted, there are no trees to watch fall.  But I can't escape this
destruction.  It keeps haunting me, the eyes of those fish, watching
them struggle, their confusion, and the piles of them dead, on the
riverbottom, like gettysburg, like wounded knee.

I beg all of you everywhere in the world do not support any leader
who bows to  the Bush administration. If you value your life and your
children's lives.  He's a monster.  He's worse than any President
we've ever had in this century.



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