[thechat] Meet Robin Jean....

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Sep 29 19:27:00 CDT 2002

> > If you can't respect the work someone does, I think there's a
> > difficulty being attracted that person.
> >
> Ah, but if they're making a go at it, I hold a TON of respect for the
> effort.

Joe, surely I need not tell you that there's more to life than work!? ;)

If the girl enjoyed herself and was entertaining in every facet of her
personal life, I can't say I'd give a fuck about whether or not her code
validated or her browser detection routines were up to scratch...

Work is work. Sure, it's nice to have pride in your output, but there are so
many more important things to consider. Especially that, for some people,
some jobs are stepping stones, and not a dream lifestyle.

I'd rather be with someone who took the afternoon off to have a lazy lunch
in the sun, or head off early for the weekend, or whatever, than someone who
instead slaved over browser detection on their personal site.


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