[thechat] When match.com doesn't work

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Sep 30 07:46:00 CDT 2002

Oh great!

Thanks for the flashback!

(Who once had to work as a telephone operator. [Every 3 years in
the US - the unions re-negotiate their contracts with the Telcos.
Which usually means at least a short strike - where the management
types have to fill in at union and craft positions for a bit.]
US prison inmates can only make outgoing collect calls ... which
go through an operator.  One 'frequent caller' would always identify
herself as "Maim ... M A I M". Yep - she would spell it out just like
that.  Southern accent.  She was scary enough to deal with just over
the phone.) <shudder />

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From: isaac [mailto:isaac at members.evolt.org]
> Interesting they don't tell you what she's in for. . . .

I want only the hot 21-25 yo girls in for butchering their families.

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