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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Sep 30 10:43:01 CDT 2002

Weeeeeelll .... actually Madhu ....

... but we won't talk about that!

(Not too many jobs. But I spent a long time as an "internal
consultant" at the phone company ... so I had opportunities
to do a bunch of different things. Stopwatch time and motion
studies, building stock valuation models, all kinds of odd
jobs really.)


+ side of being a telco operator: Early on a Saturday morning
an "overenthusiast" couple managed to knock the phone off the
bedside table.  The receiver fell off, the phone landed upside
down ... and apparently dialed "0".  Interesting call!

- side of being a telco operator: Answering several calls from
elderly individuals that usually run along the lines of "Please
help... I haven't eaten in several days."  VERY Stressful!

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From: Madhu Menon [mailto:webguru at vsnl.net]

At 06:15 PM 30-09-02, Luther, Ron wrote:
>(Who once had to work as a telephone operator. [Every 3 years in
>the US - the unions re-negotiate their contracts with the Telcos.

How many different jobs have you done, Ron? :))

It seems like you've been in almost every profession that's ever been
mentioned on thechat. (Except perhaps a gigolo.)

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