[thechat] I got an interview!

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at curf.edu
Mon Sep 30 11:52:13 CDT 2002

> > BTW, is Manchester considered to be in the North or is it really in
> > the % Midlands?

> It really is in the Midlands.  But when you see signs saying
> "The North" when you're leaving the M25, you realise that to
> South East England, *anything* northernly is "The North".

Sounds a lot like Chicago compared to the rest of Illinois. Here in
Chicago, anything not actually in Chicago or it's suburbs is referred to
as "Southern Illinois". Gets a bit confusuing, as driving the entire
length of Illinois from Chicago (in the NE corner) to the southern tip
can be a 7 or 8 hour drive on the freeway... It's quite a lot of
farmland down there!

Doing his duty to provide useless knowledge to others. :)

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