[thechat] George W: another smooth move...

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Tue Oct 1 09:22:01 CDT 2002

On 30 Sep 2002 at 14:41, Erika Meyer posted a message which said:

> "The man chosen to head the Bush administration's wildfire prevention
> program doubts the existence of ecosystems and says it would not be a
> crisis if the nation's threatened and endangered species became
> extinct."

Fitzsimmons says ecosystems exist only in the human imagination and
cannot be delineated. I have to agree with that - there is *one*

I also agree with him that it would be a disconcerting loss, rather
than a crisis.  A sudden change? A turning point?  What suddenly
changed when the passenger pigeon became extinct?  The buffalo was
considered extinct when I was young, and then they found out that it
wasn't. Was that *two* crises, one undoing the other?

I think the biggest problem here is not wildfire but illiteracy.

  Do gravediggers qualify for "cost of living" raises?

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