[thechat] UK beervolts (was: I got an interview!)

Tara Cleveland tara at taracleveland.com
Tue Oct 1 09:28:01 CDT 2002

Tara Cleveland wrote:
> Does that mean I could come to two beervolts while I am in the UK? Or aren't
> there enough of you to have two?  ;-P  How about a beervoltNorth and a
> beervoltSouth? I'm up for it...  Part of the reason I'm so excited is
> because I get to come and meet all of you. :-)

The plan is that I'll be coming over this Thursday, staying in London until
next Wednesday (or so) and then travelling up to Manchester for the weekend
- leaving on Sunday morning. So, what does everyone want to do? I'd love to
at least have a beervolt in London on the weekend then, if there's enough
interest, I could meet up with people on Friday night in Manchester. How
does that sound?

Sounds like a fun week to me ;-)


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