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Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Thu Oct 3 12:58:01 CDT 2002

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> > This is like branding all Americans as Christians.
> Not Christians but Non-Muslims.

Nope, you're wrong. If you think that the US brands
all citizens of your country as Muslims, that's the
same as you branding all citizens of the US as Christians.
Both are wrong. You don't do that, we don't either.
> > The INS is targeting COUNTRIES, not people of any
> > religious faith.
> But the main victims of new American laws are Muslims.

Nope. First, to use the word "victims" is inflammatory.
Singled out for different treatment? Yep. And it has
nothing to do with religion, it *does* have to do with
COUNTRY nationality. Those citizens of those *countries*
are being singled out because the bulk of the problems
have come from those COUNTRIES. The US cares little what
religion the terrorists were, only what COUNTRY they
came from. So citizens of those COUNTRIES are in for a
more determined check.

> > The countries targeted for specific
> > scrutiny are where most of the problem people have
> > come from.
> These problems were USA born.

That's such $%^&*( that it doesn't deserve a response.

> > The US has kept its doors wide open to
> > peoples of all nationalities for centuries.
> Not for humans, but for man power. This was for America's own
> interest.

"Man power"? So we should accept anyone across our borders
and expect them to NOT work? Only to live in our country
and suck our resources? No, we haven't had open borders
just for "man power", but we *do* expect you to earn your
own keep. Uh, that's unless our liberals think that you
should get a free ride. That happens all too often.

> > If you come here saying that you are
> > attending school, then do that. Don't try to lie
> > about it and then disappear into the population.
> It's because USA is the biggest consumer of all resources of
> earth. People go there in search of benefits of these
> resources. Ask your government to share the resources with
> other world; I bet nobody will no longer be longing to go
> to USA for money earning purposes.

So we should send your country MORE money just because you're
there? Bull. We *do* send a large bunch of help your way, and
about all we get back from you is spit in our eye. Maybe we
should stop? Work leads to earn. Why should there be a free
ride for those that don't produce?

> Some days ago an unidentified white guy from some western
> country was filming a very important government building,
> called "Saudi Pak Tower", with a video camera. The camera
> did not look like any professional type. This made me
> suspicious.

> I tried to inform police but couldn't do it in time.

Good for you. That was a good reaction.

> When somebody unidentified from a foreign country films any
> important government building, it means that he/she is a
> REAL threat for the country.

That's too broad a reaction. With your attitude, we'd be
checking 1000's of people that photograph the White House
every day.

> Note that the guy was from some western country and the
> building had the word "Saudi" in its name.

So what? Would you have felt the same way if the photographer
looked like he was from China? Japan? Russia? Egypt? If not,
then *you* are exhibiting the same discrimination that you're
railing against.
> > > Not trolling!
> >
> > Yes you were. I choose to take the bait.
> I am still NOT trolling but I am writing exactly what we
> (anti-Osama and anti-Talibaan) in Pakistan think about
> USA. I still say that USA people are very innocent. It's
> their government which causes them security problems.
> Any threats to USA people are the long-term reactions
> of their government's policies.

Does that mean that you condone attacks on America and
Americans because you don't like some of our government's

Just in case you hadn't got it yet, I disagree with most
of you thinking and conclusions.


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