[thechat] [thread hijack] London Beervolt - 8th Oct

tara at taracleveland.com tara at taracleveland.com
Fri Oct 4 06:01:00 CDT 2002

Garrett wrote:
> Woohoo!
> So, for all you other peeps out there who want to join us for (yet
> another) London beervolt, the details are:

Hi All,

I'm in London!
Thank God(ess) for techie friends. I'm staying in a gorgeous flat, which
I've got all to myself as my friends have gone to Austria for the weekend,
I've been set up on their network, logged into web mail and voila! I'm
connected to the world again! Life is fabulous.
So, the UK evolt site says we're meeting at 6 and Garrett's message says
we're meeting at 7:30. Which is it? Thanks for the link to the map BTW,
that'll be very helpful for me ;-) I won't bother calling Mike (unless
there's some emergency - like getting totally lost) as I have all the info
Hope to see you all there!

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