[thechat] immovable object|irresistible force

Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Fri Oct 4 14:32:00 CDT 2002

Luther, Ron wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> Whew!  Took me a bit to find it!  While both Sophocles and Plato has some
> work espousing immoveable objects, I'm pretty sure ZENO was the trouble
> maker who initially proposed the issue by asking what happens when the
> irresistable force meets an immovable object. He was like that.  <shrug />
> Some say it was Frank Sinatra who answered the question when
> singing Johnny Mercer's 1955 song - Something's Gotta Give ... "When an
> irresistible force such as you meets an old immovable object like me."
> Then there's always H.L. Mencken's quip: Temptation is an irresistible
> force at work on a movable body.

wonderful research.

it's the useless stuff I stay in thechat for. :-)


	- joe

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