[thechat] US criticised over Muslim checks

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> > Not Christians but Non-Muslims.
> Nope, you're wrong. If you think that the US brands
> all citizens of your country as Muslims, that's the
> same as you branding all citizens of the US as Christians.
> Both are wrong. You don't do that, we don't either.

Note that Pakistan is an Islamic country. Can't one consider it?

> So we should send your country MORE money just because you're
> there? Bull. We *do* send a large bunch of help your way,

Which help? Was that really HELP?

> Maybe we
> should stop?

So do it NOW! We are already annoyed of so-called American aid and our
aid-seeker/sucker bunch of politicians.

> Work leads to earn.

Conditioned that it is in western countries, preferably USA. People do work here
also but they can't earn as much as they can in western countries. These are the
trading policies of RICH countries that have affected relatively poor countries
in the worst way. Can't you see protesters on the roads when G-8 sit around a
table to create more money-sucking policies?

> > I tried to inform police but couldn't do it in time.
> Good for you. That was a good reaction.

Yea! It was really good for me. Our police is just like as American police. Ours
also can't capture Westerns when the complaint is from some Muslim.

> That's too broad a reaction. With your attitude, we'd be
> checking 1000's of people that photograph the White House
> every day.

What if I, with beard and a Muslim-cap on head, photograph White House?

> > Note that the guy was from some western country and the
> > building had the word "Saudi" in its name.
> So what? Would you have felt the same way if the photographer
> looked like he was from China? Japan? Russia? Egypt?

If he was from China, he wouldn't be alone and suspicious looking. We have
thousands of Chinese in our country and we know them very well. In case of
Japan, Russia; I would have felt suspicions. And in case of Egypt, my feeling
would have been worst because of a possible link to Al-Qaeda.

> *you* are exhibiting the same discrimination that you're
> railing against.

I aim only those countries which are producing most dangers for us. Most
importantly, photographing or filming Saudi Pak Tower without permission is not
legal according to the local law and that white guy had no permission letter
from authorities.

> Does that mean that you condone attacks on America and
> Americans because you don't like some of our government's
> policies?

I tell you something which you won't be liking very much. When the planes
collided WTC, I heard for the first time about something called WTC. When the
second plane collided, I was watching it all on CNN. It was like an action
movie, means unbelievable. My family members said, "We can't believe we are
watching it live". Suddenly, CNN began to use words "America Under Attack". Then
I thought, "Yeh Chaudhary Duniya Ko Hilaa Kar Rakh Day Gaa. Is Kay Munh Par
Pehli Baar Thappar Paraa Hai". Yes, I thought it in Urdu. Translation: "This
Feudal (USA; people here call USA Feudal of the World) will badly shake this
world. He (USA) has got first slap on his face". My Fear was right. Now the
world has been badly disturbed by USA reaction of those terror attacks. After
about four hours of attack, I was as normal as if there was nothing happened and
thanked Allah for being in Pakistan. But I DID see some web sites for more

> Just in case you hadn't got it yet, I disagree with most
> of you thinking and conclusions.

You have a right to disagree as a fellow human.

Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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