[thechat] Recipe: Chicken drumsticks braised in a Ginger Wine sauce

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Sat Oct 5 16:34:00 CDT 2002

Martin Burns wrote:

> When made in Scotland ie what nearly everyone will think of when you say
> the word. BTW, 'Scotch whisky' is a legally enforcible term. It's got to
> be distilled in Scotland and spend at least 3 years maturing. If it's
> malt whisky, that means in a cask.

Actually, when I hear the word Whiskey I think of Bourbons.  Around here
most folks just refer to Scoth Whisky as Scotch or Single Malt.  So to
me Oban is a single malt scotch.  Makers Mark is a whiskey.  Probably a
regional distinction.  And then again, I come from a region that mostly
makes brandies.


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