AW: [thechat] operating system advice

Martin Paul Burns martin.p.burns at
Tue Oct 15 03:36:01 CDT 2002

>> Betreff: [thechat] operating system advice
>> The question is, which XP? First off, I'm not sure whether to get the
>> update or the full version -- I shudder at the thought of having ME
>> left on the system because of an upgrade,

>Win XP uses
>NT File System, so probably it will wipe your Hard Disk anyway.

It doesn't have to use NTFS, you can also have it use FAT32. The NTFS
upgrade is pretty clean, though - it didn't trash any of my files on my
Dell at home.

>> but the price difference between
>> the upgrade and full is reasonably significant. And then there's
>> the "Home"
>> vs. "Professional" question. The machine will eventually be networked,

>XP Home cannot enter a Windows Domain (or so I've been told when I bought
>XP), so I guess you'll need XP Pro.

Only if Windows domains are essential to you. I've got my home setup
beautifully networked using Samba (on my OSX box) as the file server,
webserver and mailserver.


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