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At 10:50 PM 15-10-02, Joe Crawford wrote:
>alarming, but not really surprising.

Heard on Jay Leno that 64% of the US population is supposedly obese. Is
this true? Things are that bad? Then again, stuff like this isn't exactly
helping your arteries much.

I don't drink, but I used to be a soft drink nut. Since starting my weight
loss programme, I've gone from 2-3 Pepsi drinks a day to about 1 every
fortnight. It sure helped. Of course, I don't go anywhere near a McDonald's.

While I'm at it, let me try and pull out a list of weight loss tips I sent
to Cameron of camworld.com (who has the same hypothryoidism problem as I do.)


still searching...

Ah, found it. My tips:


1) Cook at home. Even "healthy" food at restaurants is loaded with fat. Fat
makes food tastier, so why would they go easy on it?

2) Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day instead of 3 big meals. Space them out every
3 hours. Decrease the carbohydrates in every successive meal. Breakfast -
high carb, low fat, medium protein, Lunch - Medium carb, low fat, high
protein, Dinner - Low card, low fat, medium protein. Consume complex
carbohydrates instead of simple sugars. Whole wheat bread - good, white
bread - bad. Sugar - bad!

3) Work out 3-4 times a week unless you're like Arnold. Very few are. Too
much time in the gym can lead to overtraining, and you won't make any
progress. You'll also feel like shit. Keep training sessions to no longer
than 30-45 minutes. That's ALL you need at this stage. Killing yourself
early in the process is not a good strategy.

4) Fat doesn't magically "convert" to muscle. That's bullshit. They are
chemically two very different things. You have to burn fat and build
muscle. But the good news is: more muscle means your body fat percentage
comes down, AND more muscle burns more calories in a day.
Also, muscle doesn't "weigh" more than fat. A pound of fat weighs as much
as a pound of muscle. ;)
Muscle is, however, denser than fat. The ONLY way to know if you're
slimming down is to use the tape measure. If you build muscle, your weight
WILL go up, scaring the heck out of you. But it's possible that you've in
fact lost two inches around your waist. Don't count pounds, count inches.

5) If you have a gym instructor, ask him to design a weight training
programme with mostly compound exercises. These work more muscle groups,
and more accurately reflect your body's everyday movements. Push-ups are an
example. When you get your weight down to a decent level, then you can
concentrate on specialist exercises.

6) Don't fall for fad diets. It's simple: if you go on a fad diet, it is
*possible* that you'll lose some weight, but as soon as you return to your
regular eating style, the weight will all come back. :(
The only "diet" that can work is a) one you're comfortable with and enjoy
b) one that you can successfully maintain over the rest of your life and c)
one without any "magic" in it.

7) Drink lots of water in a day. You need 2-3 litres a day. Keep a bottle
of cold water handy and sip at regular intervals. Zero calorie. Good for body.

8) Salad is healthy till you put dressing on it. If the dressing's got
mayonnaise or any "---aise" in it, it's full of fat.

9) Low fat is not the same as fat free. Fat free doesn't mean sugar free.
Check the label.

10) Don't EVER look at a McDonald's or a KFC again. There is nothing
healthy there, nothing.




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