[thechat] Fried Twinkies.

Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Tue Oct 15 15:51:00 CDT 2002

Martin Burns wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, at 08:38  pm, Joe Crawford wrote:
>> I make an emphasis of protein, but Atkins level mania for it seems wonky
>> to me.
> Atkins is more about low carb than high protein.

But it is partly about emphasizing protein, is it not?

Am I misinformed?

A former co-worker of mine (who did Atkins) got to eat Pork Rinds as a
snack because of the protein content over and above the carb content.

Disclaimer: I'm no expert on Atkins. But I am /lazy/. Too lazy to keep
cautious count of what I eat. Too lazy to worry too much about these
numbers - I know that less food is less weight, and starving myself is
bad. And I should eat when I am hungry, rather than when it's socially
"time" for me to eat. Things like The Zone, or Atkins are far too
structured for me. I'm winging it. And more, I'm not judging anyone
else's way of eating - if you dig it, rad! Just the rigor of these diets
is something I know I won't have the patience for life-long. And I have
no need to try and integrate habits I have no intention of making

And those are my back-tracking, overly-politic thoughts on that. :-)


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