[thechat] Fried Twinkies.

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue Oct 15 19:57:00 CDT 2002

i have the perfect diet

i eat whatever i want, as much as i want, any time i want

i eat without regard to calories, carbs, fats, whatever

i weigh a solid 90kg, have done for years, but this is still (barely) within
the safe range for my height (approx 182cm)

and i have only a really teenie paunch, more the result of age (i'm 53), or
perhaps my regular beer drinking, than overeating or inactivity

i could probably scarf a couple of those fried twinkies, but they don't
really appeal to me, so i wouldn't want to, so i wouldn't eat them -- i love
salads and fruit, i eat tons of that stuff, but i'm also a meat-and-potatoes
type of guy, and think nothing of a 700gm serving of butter-fried steak or
pork chops

how come i haven't ballooned?


yeah, yeah, exercise, i know the story, and i hate exercise for the sake of
exercise just like the next person

but cycling isn't exercise, it's a lifestyle

cycling is not the objective, just the means to get where you're going

my car has sat in the driveway with a dead battery and flat tire since last
winter, and i just don't give a shit, because i cycle everywhere, on average
i would say 25k per week, it used to be _way_ more when i actually had a job
to go to every day...

it's those fucking cars, folks

when was the last time you **didn't** bring your groceries home by car?

ditch the cars, regain your health

and joe, yes, one can "have what amounts to a pudgy frame and yet be in
great cardiovascular shape" -- just look at those nfl linemen


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