[thechat] Fried Twinkies.

Ashok at MagicalKenya.com Ashok at MagicalKenya.com
Wed Oct 16 02:33:01 CDT 2002

i eat a lot of crap:  fried steaks, burger/pizza lunch, choclates, ice
cream direct from the box, triple sundaes,beer/alchohol, ocassional
But for the last 5 years i have been doing a 10-15 minute run (i dont jog,
i do timed laps) 3 days a week with some push-ups and crunches thrown in. I
run at night , somehow i can never get myself to wake up early & run in the
morning. i have been in the 72 - 75 kg range, for a long time (i am 5'
I even run when i go on vacation (that  really pisses of my friends..!).
I 've been seeing a lot of overweight people over time come & jog very
slowly for hours and then finally get bored and stop coming. I think a few
short fast sprints is much better than jogging for hours.

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