[thechat] Fried Twinkies.

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Wed Oct 16 08:18:00 CDT 2002

nice thread! thechat rocks!

....i do not follow any kind of strict diet as you mention, my weight is
ok, i have a mild 'life saver' around my waist that i could get rid of,
but i'm actually more interested in caring about my long term health
than my current weight (69k / 184lb rings the eat less alarm for me - my
height is  1.73m / 5.6ft), and strengthening my abdomen to keep the
organs in place (and the rest of the body of course). that belly that
normally grows in men is produced whan the abdominal muscles give, and
the organs fall out of their normal position.

i agree that excersise is fundamental, i walk quite some blocks every
day to the bus, and i'm frustrated that i don't ride my bicycle as much
as i'd want to. riding a bike on the streets of Santiago is a suicidal
act :( streets are bad and driver's don't have the culture of expecting
to see a biker on the street, they even do naughty signs at you and lean
their cars TOWARDS you.

Have any of you heard about hygienism? i couldn't find any resource on
the web, i guess i didn't know the right place to look for it.

i'm considering to follow a hygienist diet, or at least get closer to
one. hygienism is about keeping a diet to strenghten you body. is starts
by explaining that we are physiologically fruit eaters*, and whatever
naughty thing you eat forces your body to produce more defenses. if you
keep your blood stream clean, 'your body will work like a clock for
years, only untill it runs out of energy' and you'll never get sick.

this discipline has cured people from all kinds of diseases (cancer
included). a hygienist diet does not have red meat, but a vegetarian
diet can also be nocive. fried stuff is poison. i really don't know much
about this stuff, but i really want to learn more about it.

keeping a good weight is only a side effect of a hygienist lifestyle,
the plan is to be healthy all around and keep diseases away for good.

i found out about this when i met the only certified specialist in my
country, it is a medical discipline (yes it's science) in a course we
shared. he's the only practitioner i know of, but he learned all about
it and got his certification in the US.

* carnivores have shorter intenstines, when they eat they absorbe
protein quickly and drop teh rest fast. when we eat meat, it soons
starts to decompose inside our body. plantivores(sp?) have much longer
intestines, ours are not long enough to get the best out of vegetables.
i learned this when i was studying advertising, and was working on a
campaign to reduce meat consumption. so when i heard this hygienism
things starts on the same principle, it made perfect sense to me.

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