[thechat] Fried Twinkies.

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Wed Oct 16 15:11:00 CDT 2002

Joe Crawford wrote:
> javier velasco wrote:
> > i don't remeber many of the detials of what i read, what i do remember
> > is that the conclusion was based on the digestive system (stomach,
> > interstine) and teeth.
> Yeah, but is biology really destiny? Feh man. Feh. We were not designed
> for zero or microgravity, but that doesn't mean I don't want to live on
> the Moon someday. I do, and yet I'm designed for 9.8 meters/per second
> squared of gravity to be on me.

yes, you're right but my point is, you *can* live in zero gravity, but
you can't predict what will hapen to your body in the long run under
those conditions.

i did attend some lectures by a couple of evolution scientists, and
their theory says that the concept of competition presented by Darwin is
not quite precise. according to their studies the species tend change
their behavior in a random style, if they survive in the new conditions
depends on the capabilities of their body to adapt - thus evolving into
a new species. if they can't they just dissappear.

anyway, i don't know much about all the hygienism style, i've only heard
a few things about it, but i'm interested in learning more, and i was
hoping some of you could lead me to more info. i still eat junk food :(

.... and rudy's right: ditch the car!

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