[thechat] Bali

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Wed Oct 16 20:27:09 CDT 2002

John raised some very good points, and then:
> NZ used to follow suit, until
> they got wise to the deal when Longe was PM - their
> reward for loyal lapdogging was to see France commit
> an act of murderous terrorism in Auckland harbour,
> and then be coerced into letting the perpretrators
> go unpunished.

 From a radio sketch comedy show over in Oz some years ago, after
suggesting that Greenpeace release a CD of sea shanties as a
fundraising idea:

    The Rainbow Warrior was our finest boat
        (Hey, ho! Blow the ship up!)
    But the French were determined that she would not float
        (Hey, ho! Blow the ship up!)

    These criminals must pay for their dastardly crime
        (Hey, ho! Lock the frogs up!)
    But two years in Club Med isn't exactly hard time...

I have no idea what relevance that has, I'm just flabbergasted that
I remember it verbatim after hearing it once, and once only, what
must be by my estimation over 10 years ago.

The mind is a funny thing.


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