[thechat] Re: Fried Twinkies.

Phil McCluskey phil at yeti.com.au
Wed Oct 16 22:57:01 CDT 2002

> Philosophically, though, it's a different story. Our concept of what
> primates are, and what they do as life forms on this planet, doesn't mesh
> anymore with what we are and what we do.

Well, it never really did 'mesh'; in fact, I'm sure there would be much
greater general acceptance today of the idea that humans and other
primates belong to the same genetic grouping than there would have been
at any time in the past (educationally pro-creationist states in the US
excluded of course).  If you're going to conceptualize the idea of
'primates' from something other than its scientific basis, then you can
pretty much do with it what you like, but it doesn't have much of a
depilatory effect on the portraits in the family album.

> Anyway, my point was more about how we, as humans, relate to the world very
> differently than any animal species ever has, by many orders of magnitude.

I'm not sure how you'll ever qualify this, though I'm keen to read the
interview transcripts ;)

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