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On 17 Oct 2002 at 18:31, Ashok at MagicalKenya.com posted a message which

> >Oddly enough, David Carradine starred
> >in a very popular TV series here as a Shaolin Kung-fu monk
> >... while Nixon was in office.
> >Synchronicity?

> Was the show that old ? I remember seeing it in the 80s (must be
> our "deferred" western television programming !)

The original Kung Fu series with ran 1972-1975  David Carradine was
Kwai Chang Caine

> David Carradine made a very sad comeback in  the 90s in -
> "Kung-Fu - the legend continues...".
> They are showing that sequel on TV here nowadays.

One season - 1993    David Carradine was still Kwai Chang Caine and now
Chris Potter was Peter Caine

And then there was the 2001 "Stop! Kung Fu" series with Jonathon Ross
playing... Jonathon Ross

Courtesy of Amazon's imdb.com....


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