[thechat] Just what the world needs...

Bob Davis bob at bobdavis.org
Fri Oct 18 12:53:00 CDT 2002

At 11:23 AM -0400 10/18/02, rudy wrote:
>  > ... most people really don't want Flash websites,
>>  streaming video to rival PAL, blah, blah, blah.
>actually, i do
>i would love to communicate with people via video clips

Are you *sure*?


>there are far too many barriers at the moment, though

Some are better left uncrossed, say I.

>typing out words on a keyboard is quaint, and has its place

Actually, filling your pen with ink and sitting down to some nice
bond paper and applying the gold nib to it, letting the ink flow out
forming the words is quaint. Typing is just mechanical.

>this does not stop me from dreaming

I'm waiting for electronic, nanotech foolscap a la "The Diamond Age".

>i guarantee that if i were able to send this message to you all as a video
>clip, it would be a lot more interesting than reading these words

Never were truer words spoken.


bob davis
bob at bobdavis.org

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