[thechat] Mixed Feelings -- 15 Milliseconds of Fame

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Oct 24 13:42:00 CDT 2002

Hi Gang,

I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I stayed home.

In the afternoon I was feeling a little better so I spent
some time touching up some pages on my site and scanning
through my server logs - something I hadn't done for quite
a long time.

I found that some folks had found my site through Google
searches on "brio examples" and "cold fusion examples".

So I ran the searches myself.

<Insert sounds of choking and diet pepsi being sprayed on the monitor.

I was more than a little bit stunned to find that I was
ranked #1. ... Okay, at first I was really really
pleased - I had to lord it over some local geeks ... I
had to go harass my sister about it  ... I had to pick
up some 'cool' sunglasses so "the little people" in
restaurants wouldn't hassle me for autographs ... You
know, "the usual" ...

<tiny "Wooot!" />    ;-)

But now I've got more mixed feelings.

The "brio examples" I can excuse because that's a bit
of a specialized technology and I think I have some decent
tips for folks who work with Brio. Maybe that _should_ have
a decent ranking.

It's the "cold fusion examples" that bothers me. It's
pretty embarrassing since a number of evolters (uh ...
like Jeff and Ray maybe?) have forgotten more CF than
I've ever applied!

I threw the two examples on my site together 2.5 years ago
so I could <make quote marks with your fingers in the air>
honestly </fingers> say I knew something about CF when
I was floating my resume around.  I'm being rewarded for that?

Now they're ranked #1 ... I guess longevity must count for
something - 'cuz they certainly didn't get that ranking on
quality of content!

Or maybe I've just got "Post Ranking Traumatic Stress Syndrome",


(Oh swell!  NOW I've gotta come up with some better examples
to justify the ranking!  ... The pressure ... The pressure ...)

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