[thechat] Sniper update?

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Oct 24 23:54:01 CDT 2002

At 10:12 AM 25-10-02, Ron White wrote:
>That's because CSI is a bunch of bunk this year...

I probably haven't been seeing the latest season. We just finished season 2
here - one of the few shows that actually makes it to India around the same
time as the US. The only other one I can think of is The Amazing race,
where we're only about 3 days behind the US one. :)) I love that show.

Then again, we have to endure crap comedies like "Dharma and Greg" and oh
that ever so annoying "Everybody loves Raymond". It's amazing how a small
idea can be pushed into so many seasons.

But I digress...

>They got away from the
>real stuff and started getting silly. Example they took a photo taken with
>an ordinary camera and blew it up about 100% and the detail was perfect...

It's always amusing to watch movies and TV series where they'll have some
blurry shot and the dude will go, "enlarge 500%" and then "enhance" and
suddenly the pixels in the picture clear up and the photo appears clear as
daylight. Anyone know how I can do that in Photoshop? ;)

Of course, there are some stretches in CSI. Crime lab people don't
interview suspects!

Thanks for the update, Ron.



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