[thechat] i love flash!!

Andy Warwick mailing.lists at creed.co.uk
Fri Oct 25 11:38:00 CDT 2002

On Friday, October 25, 2002, at 02:14  pm, rudy wrote:

> let's see you duplicate this with dhtml and the dom...
> http://www.eviltron.com/modules/esp/esp.html


Brings back memories.

At the height of the craze I entered a competition to do it, run by the
local newspaper, and came third, with a personal best of 32 seconds.
(My previous best was 54 seconds).

First place was 24 seconds if I recall, but he cheated IMHO, as he'd
sprayed the insides with a lubricant, and he only had to stroke it and
it span like crazy.

For the third place I won £10 (which was a fair amount in those days)
and my picture in the paper.

Course, I can't remember how to do right it to the end now; last time I
tried all I managed was 66%. The last 33% was always the hardest

Andy W

(Who has deliberately avoided saying what the flash link is actually to
-- and therefore what I'm talking about -- so as to really confuse.)

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